Citroen Mehari Chassis Numbers

Citroen Mehari Chassis Numbers

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I hope that somebody can probably help me to answer some questions concerning my Citroen Mehari, fabricated by Citroen Lusitania in Mangualde. It is the model with the old front and was probably purchased in spain. The constructors plate shows Tipo CY CA - from french cars I solely know AY CA - has a different designation in Portugal been in use? The chassinumber has only eight digits and starts with 8 C A . . . . . as far as I know, the "8" refers to the production year of 1977.(source Second question is about the engine. There is the AM2A built-in, produced in Vigo - does anybody know if this belongs to the original portuguese configuration? Do all the Meharis made in Mangualde have engines made in Vigo?

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Re: Citroen Mehari Chassis Numbers

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Será que ninguém tem informações para que possamos ajudar este nosso amigo Andreas a identificar a origem do seu Méhari?

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